• The Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics is given annually to an individual making significant accomplishments in mathematics.


  • The Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics – $3 million.
  • New Horizons in Mathematics Prize – $100,000.


  • The Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics recognizes a single person’s contribution to the field of mathematics, with special attention to recent developments (Contribution to the field of mathematics in the last 10 years, although earlier contributions may also be taken into account).
  • In exceptional circumstances, when a prize is awarded for joint work, the committee may split the prize.
  • The New Horizons in Mathematics Prize is awarded to promising junior researchers who have already produced important work.
  • Candidates for the New Horizons Prize should have not held a PhD for more than 10 years at the start of the calendar year in which nominations close. This requirement may be relaxed in exceptional circumstances.
  • There are no age restrictions.
  • A person can receive a prize more than once.


  • Anyone can nominate a candidate at the online nominations page during the open nominations period.
  • Self-nominations are not allowed.
  • A valid nomination will have basic biographical information on the nominee and nominator and at least one third-party letter of recommendation.
  • Candidate citations (up to 10) from a specified academic publishing database are required.
  • During the nominations period please see the nominations form at

Selection Committee:

  • Past recipients of the prize are invited to serve on the Selection Committee to select recipients of the prize.