Bhargav Bhatt

University of Michigan

2021 New Horizons in Mathematics Prize

For outstanding work in commutative algebra and arithmetic algebraic geometry, particularly on the development of p-adic cohomology theories.


Paraphrasing what Barry Mazur once wrote, a thread of mathematical research can often be viewed as a conversation that transpires over many decades. It is deeply inspiring to play even a tiny role in such exchanges, and I am grateful to the arithmetic geometry and commutative algebra communities for the opportunity. Making a living doing something you enjoy (as I do) is a rare privilege in life. I am forever indebted to the institutions and the individuals that have made this possible. Chief among these are my teachers and mentors for their support and encouragement at all stages of my career (especially the many faculty members in the Columbia math department who took a chance on an unprepared yet enthusiastic engineering major). Equally vital are my friends and collaborators who have generously shared their insights, curiosity, and kindness over the years. Most of all, I thank my family for their unconditional love; in particular, having a partner who understands and improves my professional life is an incredible gift.

Bhargav Bhatt