Maksym Radziwill

California Institute of Technology

2019 New Horizons in Mathematics Prize

For fundamental breakthroughs in the understanding of local correlations of values of multiplicative functions.


I would like to thank first and foremost my family and the teachers who influenced my mathematics the most: Andrew Granville, Kannan Soundararajan, Peter Sarnak, and Henryk Iwaniec. I would like to thank my collaborators for their friendship, the mathematics that I keep learning from them, and the inspiration they provide to continue working on subjects that are often so unforgivingly difficult. I would like in particular to extend my gratitude and deep appreciation to (in no particular order) Kaisa Matomäki, Kannan Soundararajan, Terence Tao, Sandro Bettin, Stephen Lester, Vorropan Chandee, Youness Lamzouri, Xiannan Li, Mark Lewko, Edinah Gnang, Hung Bui, Yoonbok Lee, and my more recent collaborators Florin Boca, Louis-Pierre Arguin, Paul Bourgade, Valentin Blomer, and Etienne Fouvry.

Maksym Radziwill