Kaisa Matomäki

University of Turku

2019 New Horizons in Mathematics Prize

For fundamental breakthroughs in the understanding of local correlations of values of multiplicative functions.


I am extremely grateful to all my mentors throughout the way: in early years my teachers Harri Ketamo and Merikki and Esa Lappi, as well as math contest trainers, made me excited about mathematics. My PhD supervisor Glyn Harman helped me to get a good start in my research career. Andrew Granville has helped and advised me in various ways. I also want to thank all my collaborators – together one can do much better than alone. Special thanks to Maksym Radziwill, with whom I have had several interesting projects. Finally, I would like to thank my family, in particular my husband, Pekka, for all the love and support, and my children, Touko, Lotta, and Ilmari, for all the joy they bring to my life.

Kaisa Matomäki