Zhiwei Yun

Yale University

2018 New Horizons in Mathematics Prize

For deep work on the global Gan-Gross-Prasad conjecture and the discovery of geometric interpretations for the higher derivatives of L-functions in the function field case.


I would like to thank my teachers, from elementary school to graduate school and onward, who stimulated my interest in mathematics, gave me guidance, and serve as my role models. I'd like to thank my classmates, collaborators, and colleagues for sharing their wisdom with me: it would be impossible for me to have traveled this far alone. My parents and family have always been my strongest support, no matter which path I choose.

Finally, Iā€™m grateful for the fact that I make a living by doing what I like. This sounds like a fairy tale, and I hope I can live in the fairy tale for a bit longer.

Zhiwei Yun

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