André Arroja Neves

André Arroja Neves

Imperial College London

2016 New Horizons in Mathematics Prize

For outstanding contributions to several areas of differential geometry, including work on scalar curvature, geometric flows, and his solution with Fernando Codá Marques of the 50-year-old Willmore Conjecture.


Twenty years ago, I was very fortunate to find mathematics and fall in love with it. It has been a great journey so far with its adequate share of surprises and disappointments, new paths and dead ends. I haven't travelled it alone and two mathematicians have had a great influence on my career: my advisor Rick Schoen, a constant source of inspiration; and my collaborator Fernando Marques, with whom discovering mathematics together has been a tremendous pleasure. I must also thank Filipa, as none of this would have any meaning without her tremendous generosity and unyielding support, and our two little children, Eva and Tomás, who effortlessly fill my days with constant joy.

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