Adam Riess and the High-z Supernova Search Team

Adam Riess and the High-z Supernova Search Team

Johns Hopkins University and the Space Telescope Science Institute

2015 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics

For the most unexpected discovery that the expansion of the universe is accelerating, rather than slowing as had been long assumed.


I am deeply grateful for the amazing people and facilities I have been honored to work with. To my colleagues on the High-Z and Higher-Z Teams, it has been a pleasure to share in this scientific adventure with you. I thank those who built the instruments and facilities at CTIO to allow us to find supernovae (Bernstein and Tyson) and the Calan/Tololo Survey for helping ground and inspire the subsequent work. I thank the men and women who have helped make the Hubble Space Telescope the premier scientific instrument of our time and the NASA astronauts who risked their lives to maintain it. Most of all I thank my family, my wife Nancy and my children, for helping keep me sane and for reminding me that the world down on Earth is at least as interesting as the Universe around it.

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