Natalia Toro

Natalia Toro

Perimeter Institute

2015 New Horizons in Physics Prize

For pioneering the “simplified models” framework for new physics searches at the Large Hadron Collider, as well as spearheading new experimental searches for dark sectors using high-intensity electron beams.


The work for which I am being recognized was done with a large group of invaluable collaborators. I have been fortunate to learn so much from them, particularly James Bjorken, Rouven Essig, Joe Incandela, John Jaros, and Bogdan Wojtsekhowski. I am also lucky to have received support and guidance from Savas Dimopoulos, Michael Peskin, Jay Wacker, and especially Nima Arkani-Hamed. It is a great privilege to spend one’s adult life seeking answers to simple questions about nature. So I thank those whose early encouragement propelled me to become a scientist: a series of outstanding teachers especially Harlan Bartram, John Hodges, and my mentor in the Research Science Institute, Edmund Bertschinger. I will always be grateful to my parents for their love and constant encouragement. And finally, it is a privilege and a joy to share so many aspects of my life and work with Philip.