Cumrun Vafa

Harvard University

2014 Physics Frontiers Prize in Fundamental Physics

For numerous deep and groundbreaking contributions to quantum field theory, quantum gravity, string theory and geometry. With Strominger, their joint statistical derivation of the Bekenstein-Hawking area-entropy relation unified the laws of thermodynamics with the laws of black hole dynamics and revealed the holographic nature of quantum spacetime.


It is a great pleasure to have my work recognized by such an esteemed group of colleagues. I am fortunate to have worked alongside many first-rate physicists and mathematicians, and I view this award as much a recognition of their work as mine. I was born in Iran, the home of many eminent scientists and mathematicians, such as Khayyam and Biruni, to name a few. In my pursuit of science, I was inspired by their legacy. I view science as a borderless adventure where everyone can participate, and it can bring out the best in humanity. I would like to thank my parents for their love and encouragement which has allowed me to follow my dreams. My life has been enriched by my three sons, Farzan, Keyon and Neekon. I am very proud of them and they have brought much joy and meaning to my life. And, finally I owe it to my wonderful wife, my best friend Afarin, whose unwavering support and total dedication to our family has given me the freedom to focus on my work over the past thirty years.

Cumrun Vafa

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