Javier Tiffenberg

Javier Tiffenberg


2021 New Horizons in Physics Prize

For advances in the detection of sub-GeV dark matter especially in regards to the SENSEI experiment.


I’m still amazed by all the things that needed to happen in the unlikely chain of events that produced the SENSEI experiment. I’m thankful to all my collaborators for making this journey a lot of fun. I’m incredibly grateful to Juan Estrada for all the support since I joined Fermilab and for showing me that CCDs could record much more than pictures. I deeply thank Guillermo Fernandez for introducing me to the Skipper-CCD concept, and Yann Guardincerri and Miguel Sofo Haro who started this journey with me. I feel fortunate to work with Steve Holland, the mastermind behind current Skipper-CCD technology. Although we never met, I’m thankful to Janesik for proposing the Skipper-CCD idea 30 years ago. I’m indebted to the wonderful SiDet team that makes all these things happen. I’m forever beholden to the University of Buenos Aires that provided me free and high-quality education. There I met my PhD advisor Ricardo Piegaia, one of the most gifted physicists and generous persons I’ve ever met. I’m grateful beyond words to all the people that are close to me and that share their love with me. Without them, none of the things I do would make any sense.