Rouven Essig

Stony Brook University

2021 New Horizons in Physics Prize

For advances in the detection of sub-GeV dark matter especially in regards to the SENSEI experiment.


I am grateful for the many opportunities that have been afforded to me and that allow me to follow my curiosity and pursue a career in physics. My endeavors have been greatly aided and enabled by the support of many fantastic mentors at all stages of my education, from the time I was in high school all the way through to becoming faculty. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to work with so many smart scientists at all career stages, including all members of the SENSEI collaboration, each of whom enables this amazing experiment. I am especially fortunate for having met Juan Estrada, Jeremy Mardon, Javier Tiffenberg, Tomer Volansky, and Tien-Tien Yu, each of whom combines the perfect mix of intelligence, ambition, vision, kindness, and honesty, which makes working with them both exhilarating and fun. I am lucky to have wonderfully supportive parents and sisters, and I am grateful to my partner and daughter for sharing this journey.

Rouven Essig