Aron Wall

Aron Wall

Stanford University

2019 New Horizons in Physics Prize

For fundamental insights about quantum information, quantum field theory, and gravity.


I first became enamored of fundamental physics at the age of seven due to a library book, which meant that in the years following I had to learn about physics outside of the formal academic setting. I am particularly grateful for the efforts of those who made high-quality explanations of physics available to the public during my teenage years, especially John Baez, Roger Penrose, and all those who supported the free Internet arXiv. I’m also grateful for many deep conversations with my PhD advisor, Ted Jacobson, for the camaraderie of the high energy theory community, and for all the students around the world who show keen interest in our field. Beyond all this, I’m grateful for the peculiar ability of our species to use language to describe the intricate, bizarre artistic masterpiece that we affectionately call "the universe." Without that, I would certainly not be here today!

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