Breakthrough Prize Foundation announces $3m donation in support of scientists forced to flee Ukraine

As the terrible war in Ukraine continues, with casualties and atrocities mounting, the Breakthrough Prize Foundation strongly condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its unprovoked and brutal assaults against the civilian population.

People and organizations around the world have rallied behind the Ukrainian people, providing refuge and resources to alleviate their suffering. As part of that effort, the Breakthrough Prize Foundation recently donated $3 million to an international relief organization to help the victims of the conflict. And the Breakthrough Prize laureates have spoken out with an open letter published on the Foundation’s website. We wholeheartedly endorse their stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine in support of their unqualified right to peace, security, and self-determination.

Among the many innocent people whom this war is robbing of their lives and livelihoods are members of Ukraine’s scientific community. Cities housing top universities are under attack, with tragic consequences. On March 8 it was reported that Yuliia Zdanovska, the 21-year-old who had helped Ukraine’s team win the silver medal in the European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad, was killed while helping other civilians during the bombardment of Kharkiv.

The world desperately needs such people and their ideas. Therefore, the Foundation today pledges a further $3 million in funding to support physicists, life scientists and mathematicians who have been forced to flee from Ukraine. We hope that this donation will help talented researchers contribute to human knowledge in such dark times.

The Breakthrough Prize Foundation stands together with the Ukrainian people, its scientists and their families.

S. Pete Worden

S. Pete Worden

Breakthrough Prize Foundation